Julia Miho Nakamura Photography

Julia Miho Nakamura Photography

🌹 Rose Hoop- Womb Rhythm 🌹

I didn’t grow up steeped in the understanding of the rhythm of wombs. I wasn’t prepared for my life as a woman. And after years of navigating extreme discomfort in my cycle, I knew something had to change. My song was off, I wasn’t in harmony with body. ‘Why is the symphony of my being out of time with itself’ I wondered.

When I began tracking my cycle, things gradually changed. I began to slow down and plan for my moon time. I learned how to organize my schedule (as much as possible) knowing that I would have 4 primary rhythms to my month that I could lean into and entrain with. Each of these rhythms has certain gifts- areas of genius, coherency, functionality and alignment, as well as certain challenges- ways of being that go against the current of the stream. Over time, the more I aligned myself with the natural stride of these rhythms, the less I fought with myself in my natural creative tendencies. I have found value in every stage of creativity, even the ones I used to resist because they didn’t seem ‘productive’ or ‘pleasurable’. Ive found more space to be myself, free of expectations or pressure I’ve put on myself to be a certain way ALL THE TIME. 

Heres what I have learned from the music and the rhythm of the Rose Hoop.

🌹 Rhythm 1~ Rose Bud Blossoming (aprox day 8-14)

After I bleed, I have a sudden onset of energy. I regain my focus and clarity. My ‘get sh*t done’ vibes are high, and I’m riding my most rational wavelength. I’ve got a primarily zappy attitude about life, projects, and I make easeful leaps in linear progressions along whatever timelines I’ve set into motion. I can digest the left brained details of the picture, solve logical puzzles with ease, and handle many tasks without losing energy. This is the best time to start the new thing.

🌹 Rhythm 2~ Rose in Full Bloom (aprox day 15-21)

When I move towards ovulation, my lusciousness abounds. I am a sensual waterfall of yummy vibes. My awareness of subtle energy and the interconnectedness of life flowers in my heart as a eureka of joy. I’m relaxed, playful, and increasingly loving as the ecstatic energies rise within. I naturally lean towards appreciating beauty. I’m my most relational and accepting of others. I enjoy the cuteness of people, connecting, chatting, collaborating, musing and magic making. I’m day dreamy and snuggly. I love being filled with inspiration, and am pregnant with possibilities. I love being touched and adored. I am my most receptive to the dance of romantic love.

🌹 Rhythm 3~ Rose Moon Waning (aprox day 22-28)

When I move out of ovulation, the wild spark in my eyes increases and my thoughts become more tangled. I start to feel… agitated. Grumpy. Salty. Uncomfortable! Subliminally pondering why I’ve got a case of the ‘feel weirds’ and ‘f*ck that’s’. A once uplifted energy is waning as creative frustration kicks in. Suddenly, waves of subconscious material that I’ve been chewing on for weeks begins to surface, and I have emotional and psychic tensions that lend themselves to either ‘poor me’ pity parties or irrational creative breakthroughs. Or both! This can be a very creative time with many ’Aha moments’. Epiphanies around issues that I couldn’t find relief from through rationalization, yet out of the box perspective taking reveals solutions I couldn’t see before. Not my favorite time to be approached with anything new…. but a great time to notice whats not working. Though I have learned to wait to make big decisions around ANYTHING until after my blood drops.

🌹Rhythm 4~ Rose Petals Falling Into Potpourri (aprox day 1-7)

When I finally release my blood, I let it all go. Back to the mysteries of time. Into oracular dreaming space. Nothing to hold onto. Reflection. Simplicity. Whatever it was that was bothering me, I lay it down. I lay myself down. Napping. Resting as much as possible. Only that which is important will I carry forward. I experience a little death. Death to the dreams that are no longer mine to hold in this womb. A rebirth of who I am becoming without the layers of who I once was. A reset. I make special efforts to minimize any work that requires focus, or logic, or people. Accepting myself if I don’t have the energy to socially engage. Letting myself off the hook as much as I can. If I must do a thing, I bring a blanket, something warm to drink, and remind myself that its totally fine if i can’t spell my name right or initiate some plan of action. But I might just have a mythic intuitive knowing about the deepest soul sh*t ever, write you a poem about it, and seed a ruby in the center of a new emerging bud.


The power of applying these rhythmic navigational systems to the flow of each month has supported me in clarifying every aspect of my life. I feel more relaxed, aligned, balanced, and trusting. If i’m in a part of my cycle that is not as supportive of something that will be easier in a week or two, I let myself off the hook for not ‘having the energy’ for it. If I can, I wait. Guilt Free. If I must, I do so with humor, and release all attempts of perfection. I do my best, and make more space for the rhythm I’m in. 

I believe that as more people begin to comprehend the genius of these cycles and feminine rhythms, getting curious about how to actively apply this wisdom to all aspects of work, business, creative, and family life, that our society could see a shift in its core imbalances and become much more harmonious, integrated, and trusting of the creative process.

Teaching this rhythm is one of my passions in working with womb wisdom. My personal joy, of course, is exploring how this cycle impacts our Creativity. This is one of the aspects I go into in ‘Voice Of My Womb’, a 13 week online course exploring vocal alchemy, womb wisdom, songwriting, and creative self-expression.