Julia Miho Nakamura

Julia Miho Nakamura

Whatever it is that has been troubling your heart, may you come to know it as a true empowerment. An opportunity to see in between the details of light and shadow and rediscover the power of your hearts capacity for love. 

You who were called into being by the very secrets of the universe

You who’s laugh can shake apart all the antagonist’s well drafted cases against you in a glorious roar of ultimate perception

You who are the salt of the tears of the mother tongue tasted off the cheek of your sweet innocence

There is nothing in this world more powerful than your love. 

The microscopic minions of entropy, hell bent on doing their job of finding the cracks in the foundation of arising phenomena, are high fiving each other when one of them mischievously tugs at the loose threads of your reality. 

You can hear them giggling 
as it all falls apart.

This too is a gift
This too is empowerment
Let us dance under the canopy 
of unraveling threads together.