Photo: Frank Jay Leonard 

Photo: Frank Jay Leonard 

When I first heard the song
Of my name
On the lips of the Beloved
The still lake of my heart
Quivered in an ecstasy of rain

The realms opened
Heaven and Earth
Absolved their misgivings
The Inner and Outer Muses
Met face to face
As the unwritten notes
Between stars
To a most satisfying chord

Ever since that moment
A golden thread of nectar
Braids its honey through me
The invitation to Love
Sings every frozen part
Of my being
Back to life
So I may become
A connoisseur of nuance
A devotee
Of the depth of presence
Of the kiss of the Sage
Polishing the jewels
Discovered along the
Winding hero’s road
And braving myself
To bare this precious heart
To share her songs Into the world
These creatures who have been
Irreverently calling me forth
From the unsung thresholds
Of soul image becomings
For as long as I can remember

The chase of this Holy Music
Has me throwing myself
At the feet of the Creative
Savoring the miracles
Deciphering me
As the Sages dreams
Animate my every breath