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Thunder Whisperer
River Priest
the gate of my spirit
has been closed for too long
I beg you please
drum me open
with the steadiness
and precision
of your medicine sticks
I sit in this ceremony
of rusted tears
where spirit messengers
circle around me
kicking up the dust
clouding my vision
then limpia
sweeping it away
with tender wings
Gallop on
through my resistance to love
Gallop on
with your ancient rhythm
pulsing open the door
to my soul
Gallop on
through the memories
I've stored in me
for too long
through my rage
through my bitter tears
until I burst into revelry
and spill out
the beauty
that overwhelms me
I cannot possibly bear another day
of living with a closed heart
with all this music in me
I lay down my sword at your knees
and bow to this moment
to the wisdom
of the rhythm
breaking me open