photo- frank jay leonard

photo- frank jay leonard

is it riches you want?
then come my friend, and may i introduce to you
the sun
whose generosity is such to throw
countless diamonds across the sea
for your collection
if you go, and watch carefully
you may feel them fill your heart
and pour their indestructible wisdom
satisfying this sweet and precious yearning
to capacity


is it fame you desire?
then come sweet soul
stand with me upon the stage of earth
set before you awaits there a thirsty crowd of countless stars
enlightened angels
waiting to catch a glimpse of your perfect face
to hear a single note of the harmony of your being-ness
as you play to your hearts delight
and they sparkle in standing ovation


is it pleasure you seek?
please then, oh beloved, and look no further
than to sit upon the side of the mountain
as countless winged ones glide across your holy skin
as the winds of the nectars move through and around you
tantilizing your senses
with the passion of every illuminated heart
feasting in the pleasure of knowing their love for you


for when this borrowed vessel of flesh
this vehicle to learn of our true mind
crumbles at the touch of saturns mighty ticking hands
chopping away the moments of our searching
may this field of fortune
be forever in your pockets
their riches overflowing from your heart
to rain upon countless other beings of yearning
desperate to touch the face of the angel
that is their own


I am rich in wanting
rich in the insatiable craving
and i offer this yearning heart to you
that you may be filled with the currency of bliss wisdom
pouring out from the sun
raining down from the stars
and caressing us in the breeze
as we walk together
to the sacred bank of holy together
to cash in everything we’ve got
and bet it all on love