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Voice Of My Womb


  April  10, 17, 24
 May  1, 8, 15, 22, 29
 June  5, 12, 19, 26

Hello Beloveds. I am grateful to be offering this Work, which i have been developing over the past few years called 'Voice Of My Womb'

The 'Voice Of My Womb' series is a 3 month journey to develop the voice while investigating the stories held in the energetics of the womb. In this first series, we engage with the mysteries of the blood gates and feminine rites of passage. We work inside of a transformational expressive arts container to create songs, ceremonial crafts and medicine bundles which connect us to our lineage and bridge the relationship between the voice and the womb. 

As Womb Bearers, we are the keepers of the temples of life, and the codes of creation.  
Our bodies, attuned to the great mysteries and medicine of the lunar life cycles, carry potent keys for opening the doors to forgotten wisdom.
'Voice Of My Womb' is a safe space to dive deep remember and discover our personal creation codes, 
and creatively bring them forward for ourselves, for our families, for our community, and for women everywhere. 

This course is perfect for you if you have a desire to:
~ activate the healing powers of your voice
~ learn potent vocal alchemy practices that will help you develop a new life-time relationship to your sound
~ build a healthy relationship to your womb, and your feminine essence
~ cultivate songwriting as a personal creative practice
~ embrace the magic of your body, your cycle, and the experience of being a womb carrier

This Module Includes:
12 weeks of Online Courses including both recorded and live classes
Masterclasses in Vocal Yoga, Inner Alchemy and Songwriting
Curriculum Meditations and Worksheets
Special Guest Mentors in Womb Wisdom
All Access Members Area and Private Facebook Group
+ 1 personal coaching session with Marya

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I look forward to hearing from you

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"Marya is an intuitive vocal coach genius. Her mastery provides transformative entrainment to embrace your own authentic voice. She is powerful enough to hold whatever funk you have distorting your womb all the way through your throat channels. It was a vulnerable and raw experience for me and she made it safe. Mama Bear safe. She is a compassionate witness who sat with me like the best friend sister needed for such an occasion. Her trained ear and intuition picked up on every nuance that needed acceptance and direction. My sessions with her were a painful hoot full of laughter, tears, and many life soothing epiphanies. I was seen, heard, and felt. My womb is now my best friend, generating life force, and is actually my best source of inner guidance. Because I now hear myself, communication is as satisfying as listening."
-Nicole Siple, Creator of Quantum Wellness

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