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Voice Of My Womb

Fall 2019 Session
Tuesday Nights
6-8pm PST

Sept 24
Oct 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
Nov 5, 12, 19, 26
Dec 3, 10, 17



'Voice Of My Womb' series is a 13 week online journey to develop our voice and creative self-expression, while listening to and working directly with the stories held in the energetics of the womb. In this series we engage with feminine rites of passage while creating inside of a transformational expressive arts container. We learn the art of song craft as a way to connect us to our lineage and bridge the relationship between the voice, the womb, and the great song of our life.  

As Womb Bearers, we are the guardians of the temples of life, the crimson codes of creation.  Our bodies, attuned to the great mysteries and medicines of the lunar life cycles, carry potent keys for opening the doors to forgotten wisdom. 'Voice Of My Womb' is a safe space to dive deep, discover our personal pathways to the muse, and creatively bring our inspiration forward for ourselves, for our families, for our community, and for peoples everywhere. 


This course is perfect for you if you have a desire to:
~ activate the healing powers of your voice
~ learn potent vocal alchemy practices that will help you develop a new life-time relationship to your sound
~ build a healthy relationship to your womb, your feminine essence, and your creativity
~ cultivate songwriting as a personal creative practice and soul craft
~ have creative accountability and community
~ move through the resistance to engaging your muse
~ embrace the magic of your rhythm, your natural cycle, and the experience of being a womb carrier
~ share the howling song of your soul 


This Module Includes:
13 weeks of Online Courses including both recorded and live classes
Masterclasses in Vocal Alchemy, Womb Wisdom and Songwriting
Curriculum Meditations and Worksheets
Special Guest Mentors in Womb Wisdom
All Access Members Area and Private Facebook Group
1 personal coaching session with Marya

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  What People Are Saying  

"Marya is beyond brilliant. A true bard goddess muse of ancient times come to bless us with magic! Her Voice of my Womb course was instrumental in me anchoring daily practices that have helped move me forward in the creation of songs. How she weaves together womb & voice healing is very special and so needed.It is both a journey of healing and creativity. I am still feeling the ripple effects of the course long after it’s completion! Highly recommend this journey." - Dakota Chanel

“I did the winter session with her this past year and WOW. This course transformed my relationship to my craft, my ability to channel songs and speak with a deeper authenticity in my music. I was honestly afraid of writing music- most of the songs that I'd written until this course were "transmissions" and came during random moments of inspiration. I was terrified of the unpredictable nature of my inspiration and feared that if I were to begin any level of career in music I couldn't trust my ability to write new material that also felt authentic. It was through this course I not only integrated practices that create a sustainable relationship with the muses of inspiration, but I also found out that all this time I'd only been singing from one aspect of myself and hadn't allowed my aching bits, my longing, my sensuality, my rage to have a voice. Through our explorations I came home to a deeper realization of my personal mythos and how I arrive in the world. In a supported and intimate container of sisters I was able to move through deep wounds, blockages and epiphanies about what lives deep within my heart and my womb.”
-Keiley Joy Bosinger

“I don’t even know where to start about this course. Integrating the practices introduced inside this container completely revolutionized my life, from the inside out. I discovered my own voice (after forgetting it completely for many a year) and found power, passion and my own message waiting there for me too. If you have songs inside your womb, or even if you think you don’t but you wish you did, I so highly recommend this offering. Check it out. Marya Stark is brilliant, and this course is life-changing.”- Jenna Steep


"The space Marya creates and holds is one of the most exquisite that I have had the pleasure to participate in. I am deeply honored and grateful to have found her as a teacher, muse and fellow sister. When I discovered the Voice of My Womb 3 month online portal, it sounded like everything I was interested in all wrapped up in one and it was that AND SO MUCH MORE! I was so impressed by the level of organization and follow through with sharing of materials and resources, not to mention just HOW MUCH was shared and the vastness of topics that we dove into that all synergistically wove together.  I would highly recommend this course to any woman who is wanting to dive deeply into her soul and connect with her power source: her womb, her voice and everything in between. This is not your typical songwriting workshop. Songwriting just happens to be the container for this mystery school that dives deeply into healing our hearts and our ancestral lineage. You will completely redefine your relationship to your womanhood and reclaim the joy of being a woman in this lifetime. I felt so held with love, grace, compassion, humor and celebration by Marya and all of the sisters in the course. This experience has only confirmed my love and devotion for the power of sound and the voice to heal ourselves and the planet as a life path. This journey is absolutely delicious, deep and life changing.”- Alexandra Mathews


"Thank you Marya for unleashing the songstress within my Womb! I always knew she was there, yet until taking this course, was not able to access her voice. VOW transformed my poems into songs and my emotions into sound. I am in eternal gratitude for being guided to uncovering the music of my voice and activate the codes of my feminine intuition through this creative and visionary coursework! Marya shares her wisdom freely and with an passion and enthusiasm that is electric and engaging. Her creativity, attention to detail, guest speakers and true investment in our success made it a pleasure to show up every week. Through our work with the blood gates I was able to trace my ancestry and innerstand the healing my DNA needs to clear the trauma stored in my lineage.  I feel like I am ready to hit the studio and produce an album! I have confidence in the sound of my voice and my message in a way that I never did before. Yes, Marya’s Voice of My Womb made such a deep impact on my spirit that I re-enrolled in her April 2018 course." -Sabrina Vedete


"Marya is an intuitive vocal coach genius. Her mastery provides transformative entrainment to embrace your own authentic voice. She is powerful enough to hold whatever funk you have distorting your womb all the way through your throat channels. It was a vulnerable and raw experience for me and she made it safe. Mama Bear safe. She is a compassionate witness who sat with me like the best friend sister needed for such an occasion. Her trained ear and intuition picked up on every nuance that needed acceptance and direction. My sessions with her were a painful hoot full of laughter, tears, and many life soothing epiphanies. I was seen, heard, and felt. My womb is now my best friend, generating life force, and is actually my best source of inner guidance. Because I now hear myself, communication is as satisfying as listening."
-Nicole Siple, Creator of Quantum Wellness


We Each Have A Song To Sing
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