Vocal Embodiment
1:1 Mentorship


         ~Do you love to sing, but don't know where to start when it comes to opening up your vocal potential?
~Do you have a sense that cultivating your voice will awaken deeper pleasure in your life?
~Do you yearn to sing with more beauty?
~ Do you have songs inside of you that are bursting to come out?
~Are you wanting to speak your truth with more clarity and confidence?
~Do you deeply want to share your creative gifts with the world, but need support, guidance and accountability?

Do You Want To Have A Stronger Voice?


There are so many benefits to singing and cultivate a deeper relationship to our voice and our sound. It is my favorite way to play with people, and I am excited to create a space where together we can discover the beauty of your unique voice in the world. 

 I am offering an integrative vocal mentorship, incorporating vocal development, musical skill expansion, the art of songwriting, inner alchemy, energetic psychology and soul voice expression. This immersion is a 12 session series, and is individually created based on your creative goals. Together, we will work with your voice to open blocks to sharing your gifts, expand your experience of personal empowerment, and dive into the artistic magic that you are here to share with the world!

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I look forward to singing with you
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