Underground Forest : Song and Story Medicine for Women

As the last leaf falls from the tree of Autumn, and you stand at the threshold of Winters invitation, there awaits a path leading you to a place of remembering. You've heard the call of the soft song beckoning you through the trees, whispering to your soul the melodies that you have been yearning to feel ring through your being.

….The Underground Forest Is Calling To You.

The path from here to there is not one where many foot steps have gone before you.
Listening and Kinship is required for you to see the mythic thread unfolding as your Destiny emerges.

A deeper wisdom beckons now, as you follow the inner howl of your heart. 
To pick up the thread of the story that leads you. Deeper. And Deeper Still.

Join Sirena Andrea and Marya Stark in a two day exploration of Story and Song, mapping the lay of the land of your own Underground Forest. Through storytelling, somatic integration, vocal alchemy and songwriting, walk through the realms of your innermost being and come out of the forest with a new story and song to bring forward into the next chapter of your life.

About This Weekend

This is a Weekend intensive for Women wanting to deepen their understanding of how to use song and story to enrich their lives.
In large and small groups, we explore the power of Story & Song:

*You will open your voice through ecstatic singing practices
*You will begin releasing blocks and outdated stories about your voice
* You will experience the magic and medicine of raising your voice with a group of women
*You will Deepen your relationship to your womb and to your voice
*You will learn how to use Myth as a Map to gracefully locate yourself on your Feminine journey
*You will have the Opportunity to share your True Life Story in a safe container
*You will have the experience of being heard, seen, and reflected with compassion & clarity

Everyone will have the opportunity to walk away with:
- Tools to use Myth As Map for soulful living
- Daily ecstatic singing practices for increased vitality and self-expression

Saturday Dec 15- 10am-5pm
Sunday Dec 16- 10am-5pm

The Resource Center For Non-Violence
612 Ocean St
Santa Cruz, Ca

Registration Link:
Price $297

Register Now and Enter The Forest

We look forward to tending the inner fires of the muses that are calling you forward

 Tiana Hunter Photography

Tiana Hunter Photography