~ Working With Marya ~

"Marya is an intuitive vocal coach genius. Her mastery provides transformative entrainment to embrace your own authentic voice. She is powerful enough to hold whatever funk you have distorting your womb all the way through your throat channels. It was a vulnerable and raw experience for me and she made it safe. Mama Bear safe. She is a compassionate witness who sat with me like the best friend sister needed for such an occasion. Her trained ear and intuition picked up on every nuance that needed acceptance and direction. My sessions with her were a painful hoot full of laughter, tears, and many life soothing epiphanies. I was seen, heard, and felt. My womb is now my best friend, generating life force, and is actually my best source of inner guidance. Because I now hear myself, I no longer need my throat to get me into embarrassing attention getting scenarios and communication is as satisfying as listening."
-Nicole Siple, Founder of Quantum Wellness

"My voice lessons with Marya are some of the most sacred work I do. Marya holds space for me to be real, to be vulnerable, and for me to find my voice as an expression of my spirit coming through me. She is skilled, kind, a strong stand, and a loving ally to me as I dive deep into all of the victorious and tender places that singing takes me. I am so SO grateful to have her by my side in this important mission, of singing, of finding myself through my voice, and of being more of who I am as my slice of the divine incarnate. Thank you, Marya, again and again, and forever."
-Samantha Ibarguen, Founder of Integrated Wellness


Marya Stark has taught me so much on this path to true authenticity and embodiment, this woman has truly been such a potent reflection for me in my life this past year. Her music, her expression, her support, her open and expansive rose womb heart, her silliness, and her way of transmuting pain into astounding art. What a pillar priestess in the community of womb healing sisters she is,
a true embodiment of the Goddess, in all her many forms, facets and phases.

-Shona Keeli Jones- Founder of Womb Illumination

"Marya has played a remarkable role in my life. Following a major stroke which rendered me blind, I came to Marya hoping to learn how to live my life more fully and accept my new limitations. Through music, Marya has helped me write songs for the people in my life that have influenced me. She has an extraordinary ability to zero in on key issues, formulate thoughtful lyrics and set them to beautiful music with her own unique singing voice. Our sessions have helped me achieve peace of mind amidst a rocky road. I am in awe of her extraordinary talents."
-Eric Schapiro, Housing Chief for Santa Cruz


“Marya Stark is a force of nature, who wakes the house and puts their hearts on fire. She brings to life many of the important themes women struggle with today, inspiring them to open and share their voices. I highly recommend her music as a healing and catalyzing force.”
Sirena Andrea- Founder of Yoniverse Monologues

"Marya Stark is one of the most innovative, creative, and engaging songstresses I've ever had the honor of knowing and working with. Her musical talent is fused with her well educated music therapy and medical qigong background. Her presence alone is provocative and inspiring, let alone her well cultivated expertise. She is a "Bardess" in the classical sense who never ceases to evoke the deepest caverns of the heart. Through her support I've been able to unlock and have a deeper, fuller experience of my voice totally empowering the expression of my Heart!"
- Tangelina D’aviatress- Founder of Immortal Falcon


"Working with Marya opened my awareness to the power of healing through my voice. We were able to feel into where my fears were limiting me to open my sound and how I was actually afraid to make sound. This was a huge realization for me because before that moment I had no idea I had been harboring such deep fear. The liberation to allow my voice to wave through those fears was priceless. Thank you Marya for being a guide and devotee to the muse of music who wants to be liberated within us all."
- Eve Olution, Soulvoice Sacred Arts


"Marya Stark is a true healing Bard of our time. With immense joy I have witnessed her bring groups to absolute rapture as well as healing catharsis through the power of her song. I have found few things as beautiful as watching and hearing Marya help both adults and children find their inner voice and rhythm. She truly inspires and evokes the healer hidden within all those whose lives she graces with her miraculous gift. My life has been forever changed by her open and true heart."       
-Taliesin Lanning, Life Coach

"Marya Stark is an incredibly cultivated sound healer, teacher and facilitator. She brings her depth of authentic compassionate sincerity to her circles. I have been moved to tears by her being and am inspired by her natural wisdom she shares that springs from her own ability to fiercely embrace life's challenges as well as miraculous magic. She has a special gift of an incredible voice spiced with a wry sense of humor that can make even some of us serious folk easily surrender to the joy of music!"
Rachael Shishido- Yoga Instructor, Holisitc Medical Practitioner