“The Oracle Speaks
Her Living mandala emanates
a spirit rose remedy
for the shattering of spells”

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‘Shatter Spell’ is the collaboration of Subaqueous with live vocals by Marya Stark and visionary living theater by Valôuria. The album undulates through pulsing rhythms and swirling melodies to bring the listener to a hypnagogic state. It asks us to deeply look to the shadows within and take the steps needed into the light.

Shatter Spell was crafted over an entire year, born of collaborations across the world. Marya Stark’s enchanting voice and tongues of chaos evoke the mythic. Joining her are many other soulful musicians bringing the instrumental vibrations of our global musical heritage, sonic homage to those who came before us. Each of these creative contributors poured their hearts into this working, an artful act of community in service to a greater vision.

Valôuria unveils their first full-scale visionary living theater offering as conduits for this timeless story to unfold before your eyes, bringing the mythic realms of Shatter Spell to life through expressionistic dance & ritual embodiment. Company dancers featured alongside Marya’s live vocals and Isaac’s music in this alchemical operetta are:

Tiare Tashnick
SolAura Pearl
Amira Sereia
Emakhet Ra
Gwen Amsbury
Roseanne Lynch
Annwyn Avalon
Maya Medina
Autumn Aphrodite Kalimah

As you step into the world of the Octarine Eyes remember, the deeper you listen the deeper the journey.

Photos By Pearl Solora Zule and Valôuria


Through the veils 
she came to me
All velvet and octarine
Birthed from the songs
Cast of moon magis 
Whispering in a tongue
That collapsed the prisms
Of light years of anguish
Melting whole ages
Where the frozen souls of ancients 
had been suspended between
mandalas intersecting
Spheres descending
As her wild voice 
Broke through me
Summoning the essence 
Of who I was truly
Resurrected from the pyre 
Of sapphire karmic scripts 
And ruby satin ashes 
She emerged and held me
As I birthed myself 
all the way
Through the veils