Reweaving the forgotten tales and codes of the Great Mystery, powerhouse duo Marya Stark and Mama Crow combine forces to bring their unique musical medicine to the stage and community. Their performance can be felt as etchings from the ashes of the new moon's fire-ceremony. These two medicine bards delve into the wounding and healing of the magical feminine, interspersed with storytelling, prayer, and future dreaming. Two voices blend angelically, carrying enchanting songs of mystic folklore and avalon-inspired prose.


"Scarlet Crow is a mesmerizing blend of ancient and contemporary sounds that go directly to the heart. Their themes are those of the mystical feminine but the music is without gender, as the great Duke Ellington said, 'If it sounds good, it is good,' and these woman sound great!"
-Paul Janes-Brown, Curtain Call Maui"


Witch Folk-Duo Scarlet Crow ( Mama Crow and Marya Stark ) have collaborated with 16 producers to celebrate their debut album ‘Remembrance’ with a fresh collection of elegant and dynamic remixes. Just in time for the summer festival season, this diverse array of electronic soundscapes reimagines the etheric storytelling of these two bards, integrating the medicine of eclectic world fusion productions with their soulful poems, giving this enchanting record brand new life. May the original beauty of these songs and the prayer seeded throughout this album expand and continue working its magic on the dance floor. 

Producers Include: Kalya Scintilla, Entheo, eO, Subaqueous, Saqi, kr3ture, Pangani, Emerald DragonFly, Dandyryder, DISSØLV, B-Riddmz, Ra So, Blonde Onyx, Soulestial, Lo.Renzo, and psydraft.


“I am walking between the worlds
as light reflects in my dreams
and every song that i hear
reminds me
we are all
children of the night”