Remembering Lemuria

Remembering Lemuria (part 1) is a course hosted by my wonderful friend Rachael Webb of SoulStarMedicine.

In this 13 week course, participants are guided through many realms connected to Lemurian Energy, water healing, color therapy, astrology, dream magic and connection to the subtle realms. 

For this course I offer a bonus audio meditation called
Remembering Lemuria, Sapphire Vocal Empowerment,
as well as a vocal practice video


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Rising Lemuria

Rising Lemuria is the second course in this emergent mystery school. In this second immersion, I offer a 3 part series called Prismatic Voice, Where I go over in depth creative practices that connect us to our voice, our light body, and of the healing properties connecting to the element of water through embodied presence. 

Lemuria's Lore is renowned for its Sacred Sound Alchemy, sound being a primary modality for creation and healing. The depth of wisdom that Lemurians have developed inside of alchemical sound practices have been written and coded within us, and are here for our reclamation. 

When we work with sound, and our voice, we are awakening our vessel as a vehicle and conduit for the great primordial magic of love to pour through us and to create its magic through us. Our light, our sound, our soul signature, our very essence is communicated in profound ways with the refinement and expansion of our holy voice. 

Sound healing is the technology of the future, as sound is in the fabric of all existence. As we continue to meditate inside of the sanctuary of the remembrance of our voice as our most powerful tool, we are coming into alignment with the harmonics of our galaxy, and playing in concert with the greatest love song of all.

May we reclaim our voice, freeing our sound across all timelines in every direction.  We are arriving here, free, and ready to meet the muses of Lemuria.


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It is time to RISE. 



  • Voice as Instrument
    • Vocal technique
    • Proper breath support
    • Vocal pedagogy
    • Receiving melody and song
  • Voice as Alchemical Tool
    • Star song attunement
    • Energetics of singing
    • Singing as a practice of attunement with our soul essence
    • Voice as embodiment 
    • Using voice to connect with past and future timelines
  • Song Craft as Soul Craft
    • The art of trance channeling
    • Song as light code architecture 
    • Song as spell casting
    • Voice as the wand of light 


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