Reclaiming Our Power through
Honoring the Losses of Our Wombs 

An Educational and Experiential Online Course

“When the Womens Wombs are Reconnected, Harmony and Balance will be Restored. ……..   
Our Feminine Power results from our learning to navigate Both the Birth and Death Mysteries“       - 
Laura Centorrino

In this course we will explore how we can acknowledge the passages we all go through as women. Honoring them as loss/deaths- something is dying so something new can be born-  is a true Rite of Passage - a journey across a threshold.

Our wombs are a place of possibility and birth, pleasure and celebration. They are also the place of silence and secrets, grief, longing, shame and pain. Many if not all women experience some kind of loss that is directly related to their womb and femaleness. We are here to honor those losses.

Whether is was loss of virginity, painful periods, infertility, miscarriage, abortion, rape or hysterectomy. All these things that happen down there, in the dark and often experienced alone. We will do our personal inventory around what has happened with our vulva and womb, including the effects of inherited and passed down stories of womanhood. Together we will come out of the silence and share with one another, explore, name, feel and grow. This is a powerful and r/evolutionary act.

Our intention is to create a safe space to to do this work, so we can heal, reclaim our power and connect with the pure potency of the womb. We will come to know that it is our ability as women to navigate both Birth and Death mysteries that makes us so powerful!

What you will receive from this course:

~ Be more informed about your own womb and reproductive story.

~ Permission to celebrate loss and understand death in a new way as it relates to female power.

~ Cultivate compassion and empathy for yourself and women/girls everywhere.

~ Become educated in new and expanded ways about women and our bodies.

~ A deeper connection to women’s mysteries and power.

Course Outline

Week 1 Daughter- Maiden
Being born - leaving the womb, first blood, loss of virginity
Ancestral/ lineage/ religious/ cultural stories of the womb, birth and womanhood
Inviting the maiden, pubescent, adolescent to share her stories

Week 2  Bleeding Woman - Moon Time
Relationship to our womb/ yoni, bleeding time/ moon cycle, ceremonial menstruation
PMS, pain, cyst, fibroid, endometriosis, birth control, infertility
Regaining connection to our feminine rhythm and cycle

Week 3  Sexually Matur(ing) Woman
Loss of virginity, sexual experiences, fear of pregnancy, violations, trauma
Relationship to sex, pleasure & orgasm
Who are we holding in our womb?

Week 4 Birthing Woman (Offerings As Well As Children) - Mother
Conception, pregnancy, childbirth, infertility, adoption, postpartum
Unborn children - abortion, miscarriage, stillborn
Mother as identity - relationship to wanting to be a mother or not

Week 5 Changing Woman - Menopause - Wise Woman
Hysterectomy, masectomy, cysts, endo, cancer, surgeries, vaginal plasty, hormones, empty nest, adult losses
Menopause - never know when last blood/period will be
The Change as an Identity crisis = who am I now?

Week 6 Clearing & Integration
Honoring our lives as an initiation/ rite of passage to our female power
Heal, clear, cleanse and release from our wombs with respect and honor
Regaining our power through honoring our losses

Week 7  Renewal- Filling our Wombs with Light
Harvest and Celebrate our new relationship to loss, death and our wombs
Filling our wombs with light and goodness
Completion and what’s next


How To Join

Course Details
This course has 7 live calls live calls over zoom.
Thursday evenings 7-9pm pst. Recordings will be available.

Fall Dates TBA

$650 or 2 payments of $350
Bring a friend $600 each
*Professional Discount for Women working with Women
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About Your Guides

Laura Centorrino


Laura Centorrino is a seasoned healer and mentor dedicated to transformation and evolutionary growth. She has decades of working with individuals, couples and groups using multiple modalities including somatic bodywork, energy work, guided visualization and earth based shamanic practices.  Her focus on Womb Wellness includes her teachings around ceremonial menstruation and ancestral healing in addition to Conscious Baby & Family Making. Laura's experience and knowledge combined with her ability to hold sacred space make her sessions and courses relevant on the personal and global levels. She  is a worldbridger. Laura is currently completing a certification in pre and peri natal birth repatterning and is dedicated to the now and future generations.

Marya Stark


Marya is a performing artist, and mentor in the art of voice and songwriting. She works with those passionate about refining their unique sound and bringing their creative gifts to life. Her background in performance, expressive arts therapy, relationship health and energetic medicine gives her a unique orientation in her facilitation of womb healing. Her album ‘Lineage’ is a collection of songs for women’s healing. Passionate about womb wellness and supporting the upliftment of women’s voices, She currently leads her 'Voice Of My Womb' vocal enrichment workshop series globally and online. Marya is honored to be offering this work of ‘Honoring the Losses of the Womb’ alongside her long time friend and mentor Laura.

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A note to participants:

We request that you schedule 15 minutes before and 30 minutes after each call for preparation and integration. Deeper work may be required to fully heal and hold the depth of what is discovered during our 7 weeks and beyond. This exploration may lead to grief and mourning, regret and sorrow, and could ignite our longing for more conscious relating with our own bodies. Laura will be available for private sessions and we encourage women to have other resources they can go to for support. This work requires holding in deep ways privately and in community that lead to lasting change, evolutionary growth and connection to female power.

We look forward to circling with you
with love, Laura and Marya

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