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Marya Stark

About Marya


Marya Stark

About Marya


-:-  Welcome To My Muse  -:-

Hello family. Thankyou for coming to my digital home. Id love to help you out of any cloaks of burdens you've been wearing. I imagine that you are a treasure box of surprises, stories of triumphs and sorrows. An encyclopedia of wisdom you have gathered from the long journey you've taken to get here. Wow. What a life. How have you done it my friend?

Me? I fancy myself a minstrel bard, who has a taste for poetry that moves the heart to awaken beyond its strategies of closure. Im a lover of elegance, the miraculous, and the ridiculous. I have a fondness for the human voice; for its endless beauty, textures, variety,
and for the mighty resilience of the human spirit
that can be felt and heard in those perfect moments
of union
of cracking
of unbearable tenderness
where you can hear how alive everything is...
These are the moments I live for

Speaking of which, Im sitting with my dear friend Joshua Penman, who's currently co-producing an album of songs with me due out... sometime..... He and I have a running joke about biographies written for artists and musicians. The joke isn't finished yet, or else id tell you, but the punch line got me writing this love note to you this evening.

And here its is.
I love you.
I feel honored and grateful that making art is the center of my life,
I am excited to continue sharing as much of it with you as possible. 




-:-  Marya's Biography  -:-

Marya Stark is a vocalist, composer, performer, and multi-instrumentalist.
She is a discoverer of archetypes, a storyteller, an oracle bard, and muse of creation.

An Arizona native, Marya first found her voice in the high desert, studying early on at the Arizona School For The Arts, before earning a scholarship to Chapman Music Conservatory. While following the trail of classical vocal training, Marya’s curiosity for myth, psyche and sound healing led her to study Music Therapy. This training catalyzed Marya into a period of  songwriting, as she dedicated herself to narrarating the journey of her own coming of age and soul revelations through the lense of sound and light, offering her songs as time capsules of the human experience.

After graduating w a BA in Music Therapy, Marya continued her studies with immersive training in Medical Qigong Therapy, the Yoga of Relationship, Compassionate Communication, Story-telling, Women’s Health and Esoteric Studies. She is a continuous student of the abstract, the mytho-poetic, and of the songlines that run through her own souls’ lineage.

One such songline running deep is that of Scarlet Moon, an emergent archetype of the wild feminine. With the womb mysteries at the heart of her creative altar these days, Marya has combined forces with the fierce likes of Mama Crow to form the folk duo Scarlet Crow. Their debut album ‘Remembrance’ released in May of 2017, featuring songs of Magdalene, the witch burning times, avalon inspired revival, past life memories, personal healing, ancestral healing, and reweaving the threads of the forgotten codes of creation.

Her first studio release,  “The Garden”, is an award-winning cinematic indie-folk album. Marya relates experiences of love, lost and found, and of the rites of passage into earth guardianship. The classical influenced art-pop sound Stark explores makes perfect sense. She loves grand musical gestures and subtle symbolism, but it’s difficult to carve out a single niche for her.

With her subsequent releases, “Unstoppable Joy” and “Water Into Water” Marya embraces the joy of the universe as a palpable force to be praised. The unbridled energy and light of these songs are infectious, and open up new aspects of her ministry as an ambassador of peace, activist of the heart, and soother of the subtle. 

Alongside her sphere of art song steeped in the bardic arts, Marya is a passionate curator of therapeutic concept albums. Her first release ‘Fork in the Road is a hero’s journey through the stages of addiction recovery. This concept album was her thesis project, inspired by her own healing journey. She presented and recorded this body of work in a ceremony for her community, and went on to use it as a curriculum for her years working as a Music Therapist in the addiction recovery community.

Qi Songs For Crystal Kids was created as a families introductory musical guide to Qi Gong. Having been immersed in early childhood music enrichment, Marya designed this album as a gift to families who crave music that is both educational, relaxing, and meditative. Marya dreams of supporting future jedi academies, and this album is the first in its series. 

Her most recent release Lineage, steeped in the healing of her own blood line and the deeper energetics of womb medicine, has been described as "A deep meditation on timeless ancient wisdom to salve our current times. The heartfelt passion in her message strikes a chord, and shines through. There is profound wisdom and knowledge to be found in the lyrics of this new record, while the overall vibe is uplifting, relaxing, and inspiring. She manages to strike a beautiful balance, delivering potent transmissions without coming off as too preachy, or taking too much focus away from the music.” - Reality Sandwich

When she is not on stage or composing music, Marya works as a Musical Midwife, supporting the archyteypal embodiement journey of her students. She is a mentor in the art of voice and song craft. She continues to develop her offerings of voice, womb healing, and songwriting as a practice of soul craft. She is currently leading 'Voice Of MY Womb' vocal enrichment workshops globally and online.

She is a chaser of waterfalls, a lover of bulletproof coffee,
and is a huge fan of the Parade Of Flamingos from BBC's Planet Earth II

And she loves you, just the way you are.